Tip & Tricks

We’ve seen a LOT of events and feel we have some good insight to share with our clients. Read on!


When buying all the alcohol for your event, stay mindful of guest numbers and alcohol quantities. Here’s a quick list if you’re considering a more DIY approach to the bar:

  • Most guests average 3 -4.5 drinks on average (trust us!)
  • There are 130-150 drinks per keg of beer
  • There are 4 glasses of wine per bottle
  • There are 24 bottles/cans of beers in a case
  • There are about 17-20 drinks per 750 ml bottle of liquor (depending on the cocktail)
  • Please note that the 750 ml is quick and classy. If purchasing your own liquor, consider the decrease in speed and efficiency of the 750 ml bottle over a larger ‘jug’ of booze. 750 ml allow bar tenders to pour more quickly and accurately, and look nicer at special events like weddings.

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